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Fart Number:

411462-141, 411462-421, 411462-442, 411463-141, 411464-141, 417066-001, 417067-001,

432306-001, 432307-001, EV088AA, EV089AA, EX940AA, EX941AA, HSTNN-DB32, HSTNN-IB31,

HSTNN-IB32, HSTNN-LB31, HSTNN-LB42, HSTNN-Q21C, HSTNN-W20C, 441425-001

Fit Laptop Models:

HP Compaq Pavilion DV2000 Series
DV2003EA, DV2004EA, DV2004XX, DV2005EA, DV2006EA, DV2007EA, DV2008EA,
DV2020EA, DV2025LA, DV2028EA, DV2029EA, DV2030EA, DV2031EA, DV2032EA,
DV2034EA, DV2035EA, DV2035LA, DV2036EA, DV2049TU, DV2053EA, DV2064EA,
DV2065EA, DV2000, DV2000T, DV2000z, DV2001XX, DV2001tu, DV2001tx,
DV2002tu, DV2002tx, DV2002xx, DV2003tu, DV2003tx, DV2004tu, DV2004tx,
DV2005XX, DV2005tu, DV2005tx, DV2006XX, DV2006tu, DV2006tx, DV2007tu,
DV2007tx, DV2008tu, DV2008tx, DV2009ea, DV2009tu, DV2009tx, DV2010ea,

HP Compaq Pavilion DV2100 Series
DV2102EU, DV2103EA, DV2104EU, DV2116EA, DV2129EA, DV2130EA, DV2130TX,
DV2131TX, DV2132TX, DV2133TX, DV2134TX, DV2135TX, DV2136TX, DV2151EA,
DV2160LA, DV2161TX, DV2172EA, DV2173EA, DV2175EA, DV2180EU, DV2190EA,
DV2195EU, DV2000T, DV2100, DV2101au, DV2101eu, DV2101tu, DV2101tx,
DV2101xx, DV2102au, DV2102tu

HP Compaq Pavilion DV2200 Series
DV2200EA, DV2210EA, DV2211TU, DV2212TU, DV2213TU, DV2214TU, DV2215TU,

HP Compaq Pavilion DV2300 Series
DV2300, DV2301tu, DV2301tx, DV2302tu, DV2302tx, DV2303tu, DV2303tx,

HP Compaq Pavilion DV2400 Series
DV2418NR, DV2410EP, DV2410ET, DV2415ES, DV2440EZ, DV2420et, DV2400,
DV2401tx, DV2403tx, DV2404tx, DV2405tx, DV2406tx, DV2401au, DV2401tu,

HP Pavilion DV2500 Series
DV2500t, DV2500tw, DV2501tu, DV2501tx, DV2501xx, DV2502tu, DV2502tx,

HP Pavilion DV2600 Series
DV2601au, DV2601tu, DV2601tx, DV2601xx, DV2602au, DV2602ca, DV2602tu,

HP Pavilion DV2700 Series
DV2701tu, DV2701tx, DV2702tu, DV2702tx, DV2702xx, DV2703tu, DV2703tx,

HP Compaq Pavilion DV2800 Series
DV2801tu, DV2801tx, DV2802tx, DV2803tx, DV2804tx, DV2805tx, DV2806tx, DV2807tx HP Compaq Pavilion DV2900 Series

HP Compaq Pavilion DV6000 Series
DV6000T, DV6000Z, DV6000z, DV6040US, DV6045NR, DV6001EA, DV6003EA,

HP Pavilion DV6100 Series
DV6100, DV6100 CTO, DV6102, DV6102OD, DV6103, DV6103NR, DV6105, DV6105CA,

HP Pavilion DV6200 Series
DV6205, DV6205US, DV6205CA, DV6206, DV6206US, DV6208, DV6208NR, DV6209,

HP Pavilion DV6300 Series
DV6305, DV6305US, DV6305CA, DV6306, DV6306RS, DV6307, DV6307CA, DV6308,

HP Pavilion DV6400 Series
DV6400, DV6400 CTO, DV6401, DV6401CA, DV6401EO, DV6401TU, DV6401TX,

HP Compaq Pavilion DV6500 Series
DV6500, DV6500T, DV6501TX, DV6502TX, DV6503TX, DV6504TX, DV6505TX,

HP Compaq Pavilion DV6600 Series
DV6600, DV6601AX, DV6601EI, DV6601TU, DV6602AX, DV6602EI, DV6602TU,

HP Compaq Pavilion DV6700 Series
DV6700, DV6701TX, DV6702TX, DV6703TX, DV6704TX, DV6705TX, DV6706TX,

HP Compaq Pavilion DV6800 Series

HP Compaq Pavilion DV6900 Series

Compaq Presario V3000 Series
V3000 CTO, V3000t CTO, V3000z CTO, V3010, V3010CA, V3010US, V3015,

Compaq Presario V3100 Series
V3143AU, V3144AU, V3146AU, V3147AU, V3165TU, V3173TU, V3175TU,

Compaq Presario V3300 Series
V3300, V3301TU, V3302TU, V3303TU, V3304TU, V3305TU, V3306TU,
Compaq Presario V3400 Series
V3422TX, V3423TX, V3428TU, V3430TU, V3431TU, V3432TU, V3433TU,

Compaq Presario V3500 Series
V3514TU, V3515TU, V3516TU, V3517TU, V3518TU, V3519TU, V3520TU,

Compaq Presario V3600 Series
V3600 CTO, V3601AU, V3601TU, V3601TX, V3602AU, V3602TU, V3602TX,

Compaq Presario V3700 Series
V3701AU, V3701TU, V3701TX, V3702AU, V3702TU, V3702TX, V3703AU,
Compaq Presario V3800 Series
V3801AU, V3801TX, V3802AU, V3802TU, V3802TX, V3803AU, V3803TU,

Compaq Presario V3900 Series

Compaq Presario V6000 Series
V6000T, V6000Z, V6030US, V6105NR, V6120US, V6130US, V6012EA,
Compaq Presario V6100 Series
V6103EA, V6108AU, V6108EA, V6109EA, V6110EA, V6111AU, V6112EU,

Compaq Presario V6200 Series
V6200, V6202EA, V6207AU, V6209AU, V6210AU, V6211TU, V6213TU,

Compaq Presario V6300 Series
V6300, V6335EA, V6355EU, V6304AU, V6306TU, V6308TU, V6309TU,

Compaq Presario V6400 Series
V6400, V6410ET, V6430ES, V6429ES, V6430EF, V6435ES, V6450EE,
Compaq Presario V6500 Series
V6500, V6554ES, V6580ED, V6595ES, V6530ED, V6560EA, V6570ES,
Compaq Presario V6600 Series
V6600 CTO, V6601AU, V6601TU, V6602AU, V6602TU, V6603AU, V6603TU,
Compaq Presario V6700 Series
V6700TX CTO, V6701AU, V6701TU, V6702AU, V6702TU, V6703AU, V6703TU,

Compaq Presario V6800 Series

Compaq Presario V6900 Series

Compaq Presario F500 Series
F500, F505LA, F506LA, F553US, F555US, F557US, F500EA, F501AU,

Compaq Presario F700 Series
F700EF, F700EM, F706LA, F710EE, F710EF, F710EL, F712NR, F715EF,

HP G6000 all series

HP G7000 all series

Compaq Presario A900 all series

Compaq Presario C700 Series
C700ET, C700LA, C700T, C700XX, C701LA, C701TU, C701XX, C702LA,

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